Best bp monitor in india

Best BP monitor in India in 2021

Bp monitors are a must-have device if you or your loved ones are facing problems related to hypertension then you must be using a bp machine or a Bp Monitor. You don’t need to visit a Doctor’s office or a hospital every time you want to get your BP checked. It is very common nowadays that the doctor might have recommended you or someone in your family if you have a heart problem, to create a chart of your blood pressure for analysis. Based on reviews and analysis we have recommended some Best BP monitor in India in 2021.

There are basically 2 types of BP Monitors:-

  1. Aneroid BP monitor- Remember when you go to a doctor’s clinic and ties a strip to your hand from one end of a machine and on the other hand he squeezes the bulb which is attached to the machine to read your blood pressure. They are an Aneroid. They are not so expensive but easily breakable.
  2. Digital BP monitor- Ever seen someone checking their own Blood Pressure even if they have no prior medical expertise using a machine with a screen on it out of which a strip is coming out which you have to put on your arm. That’s the Digital version of a BP monitor.

These Digital ones are further divided into two categories:-

  1. Wrist Monitors (Less accurate than the arm monitors)
  2. Arm Monitors.

While Buying a BP monitor you have to keep a few things in mind like:-

1. Is the BP monitor you are buying an Automatic one or a Manual one?

2.Ease of use:-We recommend you buy a Digital BP monitor in 2021 if you are buying it for home use as it does not require any medical expertise and also provides you with results with great accuracy. But the choice is yours.

3. It should be a Proper Fit.:-

  • 8.7 to 10.2 inches: “Small adult” cuff
  • 10.6 to 13.4 inches: “Adult” cuff
  • 13.8 to 17.3 inches: “Large adult” cuff
  • 17.7 to 20.5 inches: “Adult thigh” cuff

4. It should be a “Clinically Validated” product means it should have passed the approval process aka clearance.

5. Check other features as well if you need them in a bp Monitor like:-

  • Do you need a battery-operated device or a wired one?
  • Any special features like Bluetooth connectivity. etc?
  • Last but not least it should fulfill your needs and should lie within the budget.
  • Do you want to store the measurements or you want an app or paper log?

Keeping all these things in mind we have researched and tested here are a few recommendations for the Best Bp monitor in India in 2021:-

1.Omron HEM 7130L Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

best bp monitor india

buy-at-amazon-affilateIt is recommended by many doctors it provides great results repeatedly.

It also comes with an AC cable if you do not want to use batteries.

PROS (What we liked the most)
  • Compact design can fit in a handbag easily.
  • Easy to use, very simple interface.
  • Premium build quality.
  • A trustworthy brand
  • Readings can be scanned by the app and it keeps a record of them. ( 60 memory with date and time)
  • Can be used with batteries, as well as on AC supply (adaptor is sold separately).
  • A large cuff is very versatile and can be used for even people with fat arms.
  • A large display with large fonts makes it easier for senior people to see.
  • Detects irregular heartbeat and also has an OK indication to say if the connections are done right.
  • Value for money.
CONS (What we don’t like)
  • The first reading is never correct. So it is recommended to take at least 3 readings to get common figures.
  • The cuff puffs up really strong and at times it can feel like it’s gonna split your arm in 2. It’s ok for people within 60-65 years who have a better threshold for the pain, but for older people, it’ll be problematic and they can suffer from anxiety with the pain. Not recommended for older and weaker people.
  • No backlight for the display so the display seems dark.
  • AC adaptor should be provided ideally to avoid people from using cheap alternatives and end up ruining the machine.

2. Omron HEM 7120 Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Best omron monitor in india in 2020

Works on the oscillometric principle to provide the most accurate readings. This product is specially designed for household use.

PROS (What we liked the most)
  • Compact design can fit in a handbag easily.
  • Easy to use, very simple interface.
  • Premium build quality.
  • A trustworthy brand
  • Also detects irregular heartbeat
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty by Omron
  • Body movement detection
  • Last memory
  • Easy one-touch operation
  • Hypertension indicator
CONS (What we don’t like)
  • You have to sit for at least 10 minutes on a chair to calm your body before taking the reading as this machine is very sensitive.
  • Gives a very high reading whenever you feel restless or anxious.
  • You may have to buy a wider strap for people with wider arms.
  • You have to buy the AC adapter separately

3. Omron HEM-7124 Blood Pressure Monitor

Best bp monitor in india in 2020

Another great product from Omron as is a fully automatic device with a hypertension indicator with a 5-year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase.

PROS (What we liked the most)
  • It also comes with IntelliSense technology.
  • A large display screen
  • It has easy one-touch operations.
  • Can store the last reading.
CONS (What we don’t like)
  • It operates only on 4 AA batteries. No AC adapter.
  • Not good for obese people as the cuff size does not fit.

4. Omron HEM-8712 Blood Pressure Monitor

Best bp monitor in india

Another gem from Omron in the field of Accurate blood pressure measurement devices.

This is a highly accurate machine that features body movement detection which sets it apart from other BP checking machines.

PROS (What we liked the most)
  • Have both battery and AC adapter features.
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Lightweight, good quality, and reasonable price
CONS (What we don’t like)
  • Cuff size is designed for the average person so if you have flabby arms you may have to buy a larger cuff

5. Dr. Morepen BP One BP09 

Next on our list is Dr. Morepen BP One BP09 Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor which is also one of the Best BP monitors in India in 2021

dr morepen best bp monitor in india in 2020

This is a very good device from Dr. Morepen which also gives you the feature to detect irregular heartbeat. It has a smart inflation technology that avoids pain during inflation.

If you just want to check your blood pressure then all you have to do is power on the machine put on the strap and just push 1 button.

PROS (What we liked the most)
  • Fully automatic
  • Great quality
  • Consistent readings
  • Easy to operate for self-assessment by older people.
  • It can store data of 4 persons up to 30 entries each
CONS (What we don’t like)
  • You have to be in a stable position while taking the reading as it is very sensitive.
  • Small cuff size.

6. Omron Most Advance Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with 360° Accuracy

This Bp checking machine also comes with Intelli Wrap Cuff for All Arm Sizes is also one of the Best BP monitors in India in 2021

best bp monitor in india in 2020

A very advanced product from Omron which also detects your body movements and prompts you to retake the measurements if any body movement is detected. It has Intellisense technology which helps you out to take correct measurements with the push of a button.

PROS (What we liked the most)
  • The hypertension indicator heartbeat symbol blinks if your systolic or diastolic pressure is outside the Standard range (above 135 systolic/85 diastolic mmHg)
  •  Fully automatic, personalized inflation for maximum comfort, quick deflation releases valve for speedy measurement
  • Irregular heartbeat detection an irregular heartbeat is a heartbeat rhythm that varies by more than 25% from the average heartbeat rhythm detected while the unit is measuring blood pressure
CONS (What we don’t like)
  • You might have to calibrate it according to your requirements as sometimes there’s a consistency issue.
  • If we use an ac adapter for power supply, there no indicator on the unit, so we can not judge whether the unit is working on battery or through an ac adapter


It is also a good option if you are considering the Best BP monitor in India 2021.


Manufactured in Germany using German technology this is a very good product with a large display monitor and fully automatic functions with an adequate cuff size.

PROS (What we liked the most)
  • Clear and easy to use display
  • German product with advanced technology
  • Can store values of 2 users up to 60 counts each.
CONS (What we don’t like)
  • Sometimes you have to take a few reading consecutively to get results similar to a doctor’s.

Final Verdict: Our Recommendation will be Omron HEM 7130L Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor With Large Cuff, Intellisense Technology & Cuff Wrapping Guide For Most Accurate Measurement as we have thoroughly studied and reviewed all the products available online but found this one the most user-friendly, easy to use, compact and contains all the latest features like body movement detection, irregular heartbeat detection and has a 60-day memory with date and time.

Note: The information given in this article is for educational purpose only, please do consult a doctor before purchasing and follow the prescription given to improve your health.

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