Best 7 affordable Yoga mat brands in India in 2020: Review and Buying guide

5 affordable Best Yoga mat India in 2021: Review and Buying guide

If you are looking for the Best Yoga mat in India in 2021 to do meditation then I can assure you that you will not be able to find that on the internet as there are more than 5000 methods of doing meditation and which one you choose totally depends on the way you look your life. Meditation has done miracles for literally millions of people, there are numerous reasons to meditate, but the most basic things it requires is:-

  • A quiet place for at least half an hour where nobody should disturb you.
  • It is recommended that you do yoga practices early morning for better results.
  • You should be a regular if you perform yoga practices
  • Relax

Based on numerous factors and reviews we have collected a list of the Best 7 affordable Yoga mat brands in India in 2021

Best Yoga mat India 2021:

1. Strauss Anti Skid Floral Yoga Mat

Product Features:-

  • This is an anti-skid yoga mat that is perfect for doing yoga and other exercises that you can do on sitting on the floor.
  • It is easy to wash and easy to store as well.
  • It has a textured pattern which is made from foam

Best 7 affordable Yoga mat brands in India in 2020: Review and Buying guide

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2. Boldfit Yoga Mat for Men and Women 

Product Features:-

  • This is an anti-skid extra thick(10mm) yoga mat.
  • It is 6 feet long and 2 feet wide which is enough for persons of all shapes and sizes for both men and women.
  • The anti-skid surface is on both sides.
  • It is very durable due to its heavy build.
  • The material is moisture resistant which will help you to wash the yoga mat easily and it is sweat proof also.
  • A free carry strap for this yoga mat is included with this product.

Boldfit yoga mat Best yoga mat india

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3. VIFITKIT® Yoga Mat Anti Skid EVA Yoga mat

Product Features:-

  • This bag comes with a free bag which can prove to be useful if you want to carry your own yoga mat to the gym or a park.
  • The thickness of this yoga mat is 3 mm.
  • It is moisture-resistant and sweat-resistant in that it does not absorb water.
  • Very easy to wash but do not wash in the washing machine. Hand washes only.
  • It is made up of EVA which is very durable and eco-friendly and lasts up to 5 times than a regular yoga mat.
  • The material is biodegradable and eco friendly in nature and does not contain PVC, Silicone, or other pollutants.

vikifit yoga mat

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4. VIFITKIT Anti-Skid Yoga Mat with Shoulder Strap and Carrying Bag, High-Density Yoga mats for Home, Gym & Outdoor Workout (Made in India)

Product Features:-

  • It is an anti skid yoga mat from both sides.
  • Suitable for wooden floor, floor with tiles, cement floor.
  • You can gently wash the yoga mat with soap and water. Kindly don’t use a washing machine.
  • It is 72 inches long and 24 inches wide.
  • Made from TPE that is a biodegradable material and free from any kind of pollutants like PVC, Silicone, Latex, etc.
  • It is moisture resistant so that water does not seep inside.

Vikifit yoga mat

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5. Boldfit Yoga mat for Women and Men with carrying Bag & Body Alignment System(183 cm X 61 cm_Black )

Product Features:-

  • It is about 6 feet long and 2 feet wide which is the standard size for all types of men and women.
  • Made up of 4.5 mm thick PVC material which has anti-skid properties.
  • It does not allow moisture to pass through and hence water and sweat resistant.
  • A free yoga mat cover bag comes along with this yoga mat which comes in handy when you use your yoga mat outside your home.

Best 7 affordable Yoga mat brands in India in 2020: Review and Buying guide

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So the question arises Do you really need a yoga mat?

Let me answer that question in a very simple way. Yoga is a very old practice and you can easily find traces of yoga in the Pre- Vedic pieces of literature, and our country India is an epitome in the field of yoga. We’ve been doing yoga since we remember although you can find evidence that we are performing yoga practices more than 5000 years ago and at that point in time nobody was using a yoga mat. People at that time were able to do yoga without a mat as it was their daily routine, it was the culture of our ancestors. But the modern-day yoga mat has recently come into existence as we all are not sadhu’s neither we belong to the Vedic times as it is way more convenient and comfortable.

In the ongoing time of this pandemic we are not certain about our health and everyone is trying to improve their immunity by whatsoever means possible and what other way is better other than Ayurveda and Yoga as they both are renowned and known for their results as well they are in the culture for thousands of years. For doing yoga it is recommended that you should use the best yoga mat according to the needs of your body.

Here is a complete Buying guide that you need to check before buying a yoga mat online in India in 2021 for meditation or yogasan purposes

Buying Guide:-

Before buying a yoga mat one should consider the following points in their mind:-

  1. The thickness of the yoga mat:-

It is the most important aspect you should keep in mind while purchasing a yoga mat. There is a number of variety in which these mats come, they start from 3mm and some even go with a thickness of up to 15 mm. Upon personal usage, we would like to recommend that you should go with a yoga mat of thickness at least 6 mm which is very common to find and most widely used. If you are a skinny personal or you need a more cushiony comfort around your knees or the area of contact then you should consider a mat of thickness 8 mm but 15 mm thickness is not recommended as it becomes too soft, but it totally depends on you.

2.Material of the yoga mat:-

There are a number of components from which yoga mats can be made. The yoga mats which you find in the gymnasium are mostly made of rubber which does an amazing work of absorbing sweat and water. They do have a rubbery smell to them when you purchase a new one but that goes away with the course of time. They are very good in grip

The next material used consists of chemical compounds like PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). TPE ( Thermoplastic Elastomers) and PER( Polymer Environmental Resin)

The most common one which we can easily find In our Indian homes is the Yoga mats made out of cotton, jute, or other materials like that. They are good if you are trying to do only asanas in which you have to sit still in a single position but in yogasans like suryanamaskar or any other asan which require your body to move a bit more then using these cotton yoga mats is out of context as they do not provide a good grip either they are comfortable, however, they are the cheapest ones and even in some homes people make these types of mats by their own.

  1. The stickiness of the yoga mat:-

Now this is a very important factor if you ask me as apart from comfort if your yoga mat is stuck with the ground then you can perform any kind of asan on it, and not just as a there are some light workouts even like the exercise of abs, tummy, plank, and push-ups you can do them on easily. The principle behind this is when your hands get sweaty you start to lose your grip on every surface whether it be a cemented surface any Italian marble per se or any tiled surface but with the stickiness of this yoga mat, you can rest your hands or body on the mat and do the exercise without any risk of slipping.

  1. The durability of the yoga mat:-

Now you have bought the yoga mat and all dedicated to getting your body worked up and mind relaxed but in the meanwhile, if the yoga mat shows any signs of wear and tear and the uppermost layer of the mat starts to disintegrate into small pieces of dust. So this factor you have to keep in mind always buy a good quality mat from a reputed manufacturer after going through the reviews. You are buying this mat to get your mind relaxed but what will happen to it if just after a few sessions of workout it starts wearing off. Instead of getting your mind relaxed, you will make it more restless just by thinking that you have invested your hard-earned money in the wrong product, so GO thoroughly through the buying guide and select the best one for you according to your needs only.

  1. Portability of the yoga mat:-

Most people like to do yoga in parks or gyms, but not all of them. For those who love to workout outside their homes portability plays a major role. Select a yoga mat that is best for you. Some of them have a carry handle with them and some of them come with a plastic container with them to carry. You can also buy the plastic container apart from the yoga mat as well, no need to buy it from the same company, empty plastic containers for yoga mats are also available online.

  1. Cleaning the yoga mat:–

With the due course of time, the yoga mat will get filled up with dust particle sweat, and other stuff. So it becomes very important for you to wash out your yoga mats every once in a while for the sake of your personal hygiene

  1. Some other factors you might consider while purchasing the best yoga mat for you online in 2021 which totally depends on you like:-
  • Color of the mat
  • Affordability
  • Type of material used. (Natural or Synthetic)

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